Planning your visit


The following information is essential for the planning and organising your booking at Maroon Outdoor Education Centre.

Understanding your role

All teachers attending Maroon Outdoor Education Centre should carefully read the Information for visiting teachers (PDF, 50KB). It contains important information and conditions that are essential to your role as the visiting teacher and/or coordinator.

Planning for student information management

As the school coordinator, you will need to follow the Coordinators checklist (PDF, 72KB). In addition, the following documents will aid you in your role and help you to plan for the management of your program, staff and students.

Please also use our Risk management statement (PDF, 68KB) for inclusion in your school's variation to school routine documentation.

Gathering student information and informed consent

These forms detail the type of activities students may be involved in during their program at Maroon Outdoor Education Centre and the clothing and equipment required.

Distribute these forms to every parent/guardian, along with a covering letter from your school explaining this process: the details of your program, any logistical details, arrangements for payment and transport to and from the Centre.

For attending teachers and adults:

Managing student information

Student information is managed through our Maroon Outdoor Education Centre Student Information Program (a Microsoft Access application). This program will be provided to you by your Maroon Outdoor Education Centre Coordinator or the Deputy Principal by email. Once installed to a USB via your teacher laptop, the program imports student data from OneSchool to save you from manually entering every student. Please use our guide (PDF, 730KB) for assistance in installing and using this program. Once the OneSchool import has been completed, the tool can manage ongoing changes and produce:

  • group medical synopsis
  • cabin lists
  • bus manifests
  • group lists
  • name badges
  • non attendee list.

As the students return their completed forms input the data into the Student Information Program.

You must add a summary of any student's medical and/or dietary details as this is not uploaded from OneSchool.

The following forms will help gather more detailed information.

Sending student information to Maroon Outdoor Education Centre

At least one week prior to your camp, both the group medical synopsis, dietary information and student details data need to be sent. When all details have been entered and you have completed group and cabin allocations use both buttons in ‘Step 4’ of the tool to produce these reports. Email reports to Maroon Outdoor Education Centre Coordinator.

You must bring every attending student's (and adult's) completed consent and medical forms with you. Please collate in activity groups and in alphabetical order.

It is recommended that in addition to these documents that you also prepare a bus manifest, cabin allocation and name tags. The Student Information Program can produce these documents.

School visits

A Maroon Outdoor Education Centre teacher will be available to visit your school approximately 6 weeks before your camp. During this visit, they can talk to your students, teachers, administration and parents about the possibilities and requirements of the program. After this visit this Maroon Outdoor Education Centre teacher will finalise the design of the program for your group.

Last reviewed 29 May 2020
Last updated 29 May 2020