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Teaching and learning

Students at Maroon Outdoor Education Centre participate in adventurous, outdoor activities. Each activity is seen as an opportunity to learn.

A Maroon Outdoor Education Centre  teacher guides the students through a sequence of activities and provides opportunities for students to solve problems, assume responsibility and take initiative.

Students are encouraged to try new things and to view mistakes as a great chance to learn. Activities are supported by opportunities for students to reflect on their experience and to make meaning of their involvement.

Experiences and adventure supported by 'Reflection' leading to learning

Get ready

Students will find out what they are going to do and be presented with the opportunity to learn the skills, knowledge and attitudes to engage in the experience.


Students will be challenged in outdoor activities and will have the opportunity to develop new skills and an awareness and appreciation of self, others and place.


Students will draw learning out of the experience and transfer that learning to future experiences.

The students:

  • are engaged intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually and/or physically
  • pose questions, investigate, experiment, solve problems, assume responsibility and are creative
  • are able to take initiative, make decisions and be accountable for results.

The experiences:

  • are chosen to maximise student learning
  • are supported by reflection
  • include the possibility to learn from successes, natural consequences and mistakes.

The teacher:

  • recognises and encourages spontaneous opportunities for learning
  • uses fun and enjoyment to engage students
  • develops and model’s positive relationships.